Is full-mouth rehabilitation worth the money?

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If you suffer from decayed or damaged teeth or gums, your smile will also likely suffer. Thankfully, full mouth rehabilitations exist to restore comprehensive oral health and aesthetics. San Antonio Smile Pros is your go-to provider for full mouth rehabilitation in San Antonio, TX. Furthermore, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi has over 13 years of experience in all things prosthodontics and looks forward to giving patients back their confidence by combining restorative dental treatments. Aside from boosting self-esteem, here are five unexpected benefits of full mouth rehabilitation:

1. Stronger Dental Structures

Our teeth become more brittle and weaker as we age, leaving them vulnerable to extensive damage and loss. Depending on your treatments, Dr. Hijazi can help save the integrity of your smile and provide restoration maintenance as the wheel of time spins.

2. Restore Function

Although full mouth rehabilitations are technically not a cosmetic procedure, the San Antonio Smile Pros team does not believe in skimping on dental esthetics. At our in-house dental lab, our lab techs design and mill dental prosthetics that seem perfect and look much like your natural teeth (or better).

3. Potentially Cure Jaw Pain, Headaches, and Other Ailments

Often, patients who suffer from tooth loss without replacement or bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) also suffer from TMJ disorder. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is an umbrella term describing the dysfunction of the hinge-like joints that connect the upper and lower jaws.

TMJ disorder can significantly impact an individual’s life and lead to jaw soreness, headaches, and other issues. So, balancing out the teeth and jaws through full mouth rehabilitation can help alleviate discomfort caused by TMJ disorder.

4. Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is an inflammatory, bacterial infection that starts in the gums and has the power to wreak havoc on the teeth and jaws. Moreover, periodontal disease is one of the most common oral health diseases among seniors, and about 70% of adults over 65 have it.

Among the reasons why patients seek full mouth rehabilitation, gum disease is one of the top reasons. While it might start as light bleeding and go unnoticed, the most advanced form of this disease can have extensive damage to the teeth and can result in tooth loss.

Suppose you are suffering from gum disease and ask for full mouth rehabilitation. In that case, we will start by creating a firm foundation through scaling, root planing, and potentially bone grafts for inadequate jawbones.

5. Improve Overall Health

The mouth is a complex organ responsible for many functions, like digestion, breathing, and communication. So, investing in full mouth rehabilitation can improve your oral and overall health by potentially improving these essential daily functions.

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For many, the advantages of full-mouth rehabilitation are priceless. But for those needing financial assistance, Dr. Hijazi offers flexible payment plans and financing options and accepts many forms of insurance. Call San Antonio Smile Pros at (210) 910-5605 or message us online for more information.

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