Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could visit the dentist, and have the power to feel comfortable and safe, see into the future, and have your dental work completed in as little as one short appointment? At San Antonio Smile Pros, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi invests in superior dental technology that helps us accomplish precisely this.

Our Dental Technology

Our dental technology is used as an extension of our North San Antonio dental team (not a replacement) so that we can ride the wave of enhancing the restorative dentistry experience in North San Antonio with the latest and greatest technology in dentistry.

Our Exclusive Offerings

Thousands of successful dental restorations and implants later, we’d like to highlight some dental technology that helps us create an impact for the North San Antonio community:

Digital X-rays

Once upon a time, and about four decades ago, x-rays were a long, tedious (yet necessary) process. Today, digital x-rays diminish the total examination time and are so highly detailed that we can easily detect and diagnose dental diseases and conditions. As a bonus, they cut patient radiation exposure by up to 90%.

Intra-Oral Scanners

Many people (including us) think old-school impression materials are messy, time-consuming, and all-around dreadful. Thankfully, we can avoid the messy, time-consuming prep work, extensive clean-up, and patient discomfort and gag often caused by traditional dental impressions. We’re eager to impress every patient with our high-tech intra-oral scanners, which use high-resolution imaging to draft detailed digital impressions.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is our secret to seeing into the future. So, how does DSD work? Our Digital Smile Design software uses photos, videos, and mock-ups of our patient’s dental and facial proportions to simulate what your smile should look like after restorative dentistry treatment. This simple tool allows Dr. Hijazi to plan, present, and execute expert-level dental implants and restorations with complete transparency.

Dental CBCT Systems

When evaluating for dental implant candidacy, Dr. Hijazi will likely request a CBCT scan. Still, it's natural to have questions if you’ve never had a CBCT scan. CBCT is an acronym for cone-beam computed tomography. As our CBCT system rotates around you, we can capture hundreds of images of your teeth, mouth, jaws, neck, ears, nose, and throat in less than one minute. Our North San Antonio dental team takes this data to compose a highly detailed 3D image of your head and neck at a lower radiation dose. Aside from establishing dental implant candidacy, our CBCT scans supply invaluable comprehensive details about your oral health.

Top-of-the-Line 3D Printer

San Antonio Smile Pros refuses the mass-production mindset and takes great pride in producing some of the best dentures near me—as well as dental implant-anchored restorations and partial dentures in San Antonio, TX. With that, we can meet supply and demand without sacrificing precision and mass customize dental restorations with our precise 3D printer. This augments our supplier strategy, and we can create remarkable restorations in a shorter amount of time.

World-Class Milling Machine

Dental restorations should always look and feel natural, and our top-of-the-line milling machine allows Dr. Hijazi to create same-day dentures and supports other porcelain services. During treatment planning, Dr. Hijazi will select a block of ceramic that closely mimics your natural enamel color. Then, place it into our world-class milling machine for seamless results.

Still curious about dental technology near Shavano Park?

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