In-House Laboratory

San Antonio Smile Pros helps patients in North San Antonio achieve and maintain a fully functional smile by creating and bestowing top-of-the-line dentures, dental implants, and porcelain services. For an even more personalized touch, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi and his team have the bonus convenience of an in-house laboratory at our Hildebrand Ave. dental office—which enables us to fabricate dental prosthetics without needing to send your private medical information all over town.

Our On-Site Dental Laboratory

After taking low radiation digital x-rays, our talented lab technicians take the highly detailed digital impressions of your teeth and jaws and create custom implants, dentures, and even dental implant repair.

By eliminating the step of sending out your confidential dental images and other health information, we can control each step of the fabrication process to ensure quality, convenience, and personalization.

Advantages of Investing in an In-House Dental Lab

1. Convenience

Additionally, we pride ourselves on saving our patients time by not forcing them to make multiple trips to our dental office for fittings and adjustments.

Plus, we have same-day denture options. This means you don’t have to wear temporary, generic dentures while patiently waiting for your final restoration.

2. Quality Control

Quick dental restoration turnaround time isn’t the sole benefit of having an in-house dental lab. When we create dentures and dental implant restorations in our on-site dental lab, we can ensure that your dentures of dental implant restorations are fully tailored to fit your needs and meet our high expectations.

From start to finish, Dr. Hijazi has complete quality control over your treatment, ensuring that our North San Antonio dental lab technicians can customize personal dental restorations using advanced dental technology, precision, and life-like touches.

3. Customization

As prominent dental implants and dentures specialists, we aim to ensure that your new smile looks and feels like it belongs to you. Thus, having a fully loaded dental lab and caring lab technicians supports our mission.

Advantageously, our lab technicians can meet with you one-on-one to guarantee that your replacement teeth are the most suitable size, shape, color, and direction. Our hands-on approach ensures that your dental restoration fits, functions, and looks natural so you can smile confidently.

Still curious about all-inclusive dental services in North San Antonio?

Whether you need the best dentures in San Antonio or a single-tooth dental implant, San Antonio Smile Pros is on your side. If you still have questions about our in-house laboratory, explore the top questions (and answers) about our on-site dental lab, or feel free to reach out to Dr. Hijazi and his team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use safe dental materials?

Of course! We use the finest quality, ADA-approved materials to create tooth replacement options.

How do you perform quality control on your work?

Our consistent dental lab tech team provides consistent, exceptional work. Even with a fast turnaround time, we have many checkpoints throughout the fabrication process to ensure absolute quality control for our products.

Do you send your work overseas?

Many dental lab companies outsource their work to other countries, prioritizing low labor and production costs. Since we can’t guarantee that other countries have the same high standards and compliance laws as the FDA or ADA, we produce American-manufactured products with ADA-approved dental materials.