Full Mouth Implants

If you have problems with performing daily functions (like eating and speaking) because of missing teeth, consider getting full mouth dental implants at San Antonio Smile Pros. Dental implants are one of the most sought-after treatment options for missing teeth, and Dr. Fawzi Hijazi offers a wide range of options that can replace the teeth you’ve lost from severe decay or damage.

Our Full Mouth Dental

While traditional dentures serve as an excellent tooth replacement, full mouth dental implants provide several advantages over conventional methods. Full mouth implants preserve the natural bone structure, maintain alignment of remaining natural teeth, and yield high success rates.

The Basics

Like other dental implants, full mouth dental implants consist of three components: the implant, the prosthetic teeth, and the abutments. If you’re interested in full mouth dental implants, we strongly suggest scheduling an in-person consultation at our Hildebrand Ave. dental office. Here, Dr. Hijazi will inspect the health of your gums, remaining teeth, and jawbones. If you qualify for full mouth implants, Dr. Hijazi will design a personalized treatment plan, which might include a full mouth extraction and one of the following types of implant-anchored dentures:

Generally, the first step of the dental implant procedure is surgery, which involves using a scalpel to peel back gingival tissue and expose the underlying jawbone. Then, 4 to 6 tiny holes are created into the jawbone, and the dental implants are inserted. Typically, Dr. Hijazi covers the gums and dental implants with temporary dentures while the surgical site heals.

Over a few months, the jawbone and dental implants will undergo osseointegration (bone fusing with dental implant). When the jawbone and dental implants have successfully merged, we can uncover the dental implants, remove the temporary dentures, and allow the gums to “breathe” and heal for a few weeks.

Finally, we’ll attach your final artisan tooth replacement designed to fit your mouth and dental implants seamlessly. You should be able to smile, eat, and speak confidently in virtually no time.

Still curious about full mouth dental implants near me?

For practical, convenient full mouth implants, schedule an appointment with the San Antonio Smile Pros dental implants and dentures specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does dental implants near me?

If you live or work near North San Antonio and believe dental implants could improve your lifestyle, schedule a consultation with the dedicated team at San Antonio Smile Pros. We provide a full range of dental implant services in one location.

Are full-mouth implants safe?

Yes, full mouth dental implants are safe, and we choose the highest quality materials at San Antonio Smile Pros