Implant Restorations

Even after a decade of use, dental implants have a remarkable success rate of up to 95%. That said, a little maintenance goes a long way with dental implants and implant appliances. Fortunately, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi and his talented team make dental implant maintenance and care relatively easy through our in-house implant restoration services at San Antonio Smile Pros.

Our Implant Restoration

For the most part, taking care of implant-anchored restorations is as simple as taking care of your teeth. Regular general dentistry visits, daily brushing and flossing, and being reasonably gentle with dental implants can increase the lifespan of the implant itself and the prosthetic.

While dental implants themselves have a strong reputation for being long-lasting, it’s not uncommon for the crown to chip, crack, or entirely fall off. When this happens, we suggest scheduling an appointment at San Antonio Smile Pros as soon as possible (before the problem worsens).

The Basics

Implant restoration services depend on which part of the implant warrants repair. For example, if the artificial tooth (dental crown) is cracked or damaged, we can easily replace it without addressing the embedded dental implant (post). Often, we can examine the problem and repair it without needing to remove the crown. This is the fastest and least invasive way to restore dental implants.

If you have a loose dental implant crown or it totally falls out, bring it with you to our Hildebrand Ave. dental implant center. If you need a new dental crown, our in-office dental lab can fabricate a new crown with our world-class milling machine and carefully attach it to your existing dental implant abutment (connecting piece).

Although incredibly rare, if your dental implant indeed fails, oral surgery is necessary to remove and correct it. If you deal with this circumstance, Dr. Hijazi can discuss the various treatment options in further detail at your initial consultation at San Antonio Smile Pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle all types of implant restorations?

San Antonio Smile Pros offers expert, comprehensive dental implant services. At your initial examination, we use cutting-edge technology and tools to identify the issue and how extensive it is. At that point, Dr. Hijazi will let you know if he can offer specialized care or if you need to be referred to a different healthcare professional.

I have one dental implant that has failed. Will the others follow suit?

In general, dental implants rarely fail. So, if you have multiple dental implants in your mouth and one fails, it’s not contingent that the others will also fail. However, if you have a facial injury that has forced your dental implant to fail, we suggest checking all your implants to ensure that the rest are still intact.