Are you experiencing missing teeth? If so, it’s not too late to replace them with life-like replacements from Dr. Fawzi Hijazi, DDS, BDS, CDT, and prosthodontist. San Antonio residents, schedule an appointment at San Antonio Smile Pros if you believe you would benefit from a brand-new smile.

Our Prosthodontics

What is prosthodontics? Prosthodontics is the art and science of treating complex dental and facial matters, like restoring and replacing damaged or missing teeth. Our in-house prosthodontist and prosthodontics team specializes in offering the best dental implants, crowns, dentures, and more.

The Basics

What is a prosthodontist, and why should you see one? Prosthodontists (like Dr. Hijazi) have additional, advanced training in restorative dentistry and replacing teeth.

There are various reasons why one might need to visit a prosthodontist. Whether you were born with a congenital condition, suffered from a traumatic injury or oral cancer, or want to boost the way your smile looks, you can receive exceptional tooth-replacement services at a prosthodontist’s office.

The Pinnacle of Prosthodontics

Typically, general dentists refer their patients to prosthodontists because prosthodontists are considered specialists in their field. When you arrive at your prosthodontics appointment, Dr. Hijazi will intently listen to the issues that are bothering you, examine your smile and dental history, and suggest options to replace missing teeth, such as:

Still curious about prosthodontics near me?

For practical and convenient prosthodontics, schedule an appointment with the San Antonio Smile Pros dental implants and dentures specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can have a significant influence on your lifestyle and appearance. For instance, missing teeth pose difficulty when eating and place additional stress on the remaining teeth.

When a tooth is missing, a space is created. Over time, the remaining natural teeth will shift and cause otherwise healthy teeth to misalign and tilt. Furthermore, tilted teeth are more likely to become unstable, resulting in future tooth loss. Thus, perpetuating this problem.

Furthermore, healthy, intact teeth help support the lips, cheeks, and other facial tissues. When missing teeth are not restored, gaps are left open. Consequently, the soft tissue can “cave in,” and add years to an individual’s looks.

What materials are used in dental prosthetics?

First and foremost, San Antonio Smile Pros uses ADA-approved materials to fabricate strong, stunning dental prosthetics. For example, we can supply durable, enamel-like zirconium and biocompatible metals to create the best dental prosthetics possible.

Which prosthodontic services in San Antonio do you provide?

Our San Antonio prosthodontist offers full-service dental implants, full mouth extractions, almost every type of denture, and more. Something unique to San Antonio Smile Pros is that we have a decked-out dental laboratory on-site. So, our team members work closely and on the same property from start to finish. This translates to more hands-on experience and speedy service times, which benefit both us and the patient. Learn more about our San Antonio prosthodontic services by scheduling a consultation by calling (210) 910-5605.