Single Dental Implant

If you’re missing just one tooth, a single dental implant and crown is an impactful way to replace it. At San Antonio Smile Pros, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi uses single tooth implants and other styles of dental implants to replace missing teeth and their roots.

Our Single Dental Implant

Dr. Hijazi offers single-tooth dental implants for patients with decent oral health but who have lost a tooth due to disease, trauma, or another unfortunate event. With proper maintenance, dental implants are among the top replacement missing teeth options available on the market and can last for years.

The Basics

What is a single dental implant, and what is the treatment like? A single dental implant generally consists of three parts:

  • The implant: A screw-like structure that anchors the device into the jawbone
  • The abutment: A connecting piece that directly supports the dental crown
  • The crown: A dental prosthetic that mimics the appearance of a natural tooth

Before deciding on treatment, Dr. Hijazi will closely inspect your gums, jaws, and other oral structures using advanced, specialized tools, such as CBCT imaging. If you and your dental implant specialist determine that a single dental implant is an appropriate treatment option, expect a total treatment timeline (with healing) to last a few weeks to a few months.

Single tooth implants require minor oral surgery, which Dr. Hijazi can perform at our Hildebrand Ave. office. On surgery day, Dr. Hijazi will conveniently place a temporary dental restoration so that you don’t have to go out and about with spaces in your smile. As your jaw and gums heal, our talented laboratory technicians will create a customized dental crown that perfectly fits your smile. When your bone correctly fuses with the single dental implant, you will be called to our office for a final restoration fitting.

Still curious about single dental implants in San Antonio, Texas?

For practical, convenient single dental implants near Alamo Heights, Hollywood Park, or other North San Antonio communities, schedule an appointment with the San Antonio Smile Pros dental implants and dentures specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental implants last?

According to researchers, the success rate of dental implants over a decade is 90 to 95%. With that being said, dental implants have the potential to last even longer, and some factors that impact dental implant success include patient age, size of implant, bone quality, and where the dental implant is placed.

Who does dental implants near me?

Today, dental implants are ever popular and accessible. While more and more general dentists are listing dental implants as a restorative dentistry service, Dr. Hijazi is a prosthodontist specializing in dental implants. This means that he has undergone 11 years of formal dental and oral surgery education and training, has successfully placed over 3,000 dental implants in his career and is deemed an expert in dental implants.