Snap-On Dentures and Overdentures

Are you tired of sticky denture paste or having a denture that moves around when you speak? Then, Dr. Fawzi Hijazi of San Antonio Smile Pros might suggest snap-on dentures. What are snap-on dentures? Snap-on dentures (also called removable implant-supported dentures or implant overdentures) are removable dentures that fit over dental implants or a bar-supported by dental implants.

Our Approach to

Since patients can remove the denture at home, it allows them to clean underneath their dental appliances easily. Then, the patient can snap the dentures back in when needed.

At San Antonio Smile Pros, we offer two styles of snap-on implant dentures:

  • Implant-retained, gum-supported overdentures: While snap-on implant dentures are anchored in place with implants but are supported by gum tissue.
  • Bar-retained, Implant-supported overdentures: This style uses an attachment to a metal bar and dental implants to support the denture.

The Basics

Dr. Hijazi can help you decide which type of overdenture can restore your smile. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hijazi will evaluate different factors to determine which type of tooth replacement is most suitable for your case. Generally, we ask that snap-on denture patients have excellent oral and overall wellness before starting the procedure.

During surgery, Dr. Hijazi strategically places two dental implants in the front of the mouth for removable overdentures. We will provide a temporary denture to wear on surgery day as the jaws and gums heal around the implants. When your bone has successfully fused with the dental implant, Dr. Hijazi will place the final overdentures.

Still curious about snap-on dentures near me?

For practical, convenient snap-on dentures near Terrell Hills, Balcones Heights, or other North San Antonio communities, schedule an appointment with the San Antonio Smile Pros dental implants and dentures specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any advantages to snap-in dentures?

Compared to conventional dentures, overdentures offer a wide range of benefits, and knowing them can help you make a sound decision. For starters, overdentures are stable, improve chewing ability, and preserve jawbone density. Also, many wearers boast that overdentures are more comfortable (since they produce less friction) and are natural looking.

Are there any disadvantages to overdentures?

While snap-on dentures have many benefits, they aren’t for everyone. When deciding if snap-on dentures fit you, it’s essential to consider the following factors.

First, overdentures require oral surgery and involve an extended healing period, which might not be ideal for patients with certain conditions that inhibit recovery. Plus, snap-on dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures.